Dear friends,

Saint Petersburg State University & the Department of Psychology & the Students’s scientific society

gladly announce that the conference “Psychology of the XXI century: On the way to the international scientific and educational environment” for students is to be held on 17–19 April 2014 for the 17th time.

The electronic registration form is here.

What is possible to get if you choose to come:

  • make contacts with Russian students;
  • share experience and research results with the colleagues of your age;
  • set up for the joint international research;
  • explore the beautiful city of St. Petersburg!


  • general psychology, philosophy and methodology of psychology
  • clinical psychology, psychophysiology and health psychology
  • educational and developmental psychology
  • work and organizational psychology
  • social and political psychology

What topics are we going to cover?

  • 1. What do we know about psychological education in Russia and elsewhere?
  • 2. Academic mobility for students: how to move from talk to action?
  • 3. Today’s trends in psychological research: why it is important and where to find the information about them?
  • 4. How to carry out a study: design, methodology, IT instruments, and finally writing up the results
  • 5. Statistical methods for various research tasks in today’s psychological studies
  • 6. Academic writing: how to get closer to publication in English-language journals?
Download the leaflet

Prospective participants are invited to submit abstracts in English or Russian and to present them during the conference. It is also possible to attend the event without presentation.

In both cases the electronic registration form should be filled in here.

Submission and registration deadline is 15th January 2014.

Only one abstract from one author will be considered (another abstract may be co-authored).

Abstracts submitted after the deadline or declined by reviewers would not be published.

St. Petersburg State University can provide support in the process of getting Russian visa. Also the students’ Scientific society can help you to find accommodation and show you the city.

We are welcoming our colleagues from all over the world to share experience and to keep in touch with science of today and tomorrow!