The Department of Psychology was founded in 1966. We succeed the traditions of Leningrad-St.Petersburg psychological school and follow the ideas of Ivan Pavlov, Vladimir Bekhterev, Vladimir Myasischev, Boris Ananyev, Lev Vekker.

Today the Department comprises:

14 divisions –

• General Psychology (Download the ppt about the Division, its teachers and research interests)

• Developmental Psychology

• Social Psychology

• Ergonomics and Engineering Psychology

• Special Needs Psychology

• Political Psychology

• Education Psychology

• Medical Psychology and Psychophysiology

• Professional Activity Psychology

• Ontopsychology

• Child and Parent Mental Health and Early Intervention

• Psychology of Personal and Professional Development

• Psychology of Behavior and Behavioral Deviations

• Crisis Management and Emergency Psychology

Academic and Research Staff –

About 250 (including 30 professors, 30 research staff members)

Students –

Undergraduate – up to 1800

Postgraduate – more than 200

International students – 120 from 19 countries

Psychological Centre –

- Personal and group psychological counseling

- Occupational counseling for schoolchildren and adults

- Organizational consulting for governmental and commercial organizations

Laboratories –

IT in educational process


Annual conferences –

Ananyevskie chteniya (scientific conference named by the founder of the Department) – Fall Semester

Winter Psychological School (international venue where the professional psychologists share their experience with the students) – Spring Semester

Psychology of the XXI century (international student conference) – Spring Semester